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High Tech Toilets You Never Know Exist

An essential biological process which almost all organisms need to participate in is excretion. Excretion involves ejecting waste biological material from the body. The process is of foremost importance since, without it, all the unnecessary material would collect in the body. This would unnecessarily increase the mass of the body and make it bloated. It would be an encumbrance than makes the organism less competitive. Also, in many cases, the waste material includes toxic substances which could wreak havoc if left unremoved.

In human beings, excretion is primarily carried out through two means: urination and passing stools. Urination involves passing out waste in a liquid-based medium of water. It is typically performed a couple of times in a day. In contrast, passing stools involves ejecting waste in the form of solids. Healthy people need to pass stools usually only once per day.

The earliest humans, like many animals, would simply eject their waste wherever and whenever it was convenient for them. This meant they would go do it in the bush nearby or some other place. However, with the rising urban populations cramped in smaller spaces in the later parts of human history, such freedom to eject waste wherever convenient could be proved catastrophic. With the number of people densely packed in a city, it would take almost no time at all to pollute the entire city with human waste. This necessitated the development of toilets.

Toilets are spaces which are designated for ejecting waste. They are integral to the effective and efficient collection and disposal of waste on a large scale.

Though high tech is not a term typically associated with toilets, toilets are actually very technologically advanced appliances that make intelligent use of all manner of scientific behavior. In today’s age of rapid technological development, toilets are becoming smarter and faster than ever.

Most of us are sure to have used a toilet in some form or the other. Toilets can differ in small ways from each in other, especially in how certain parts of them are designed. On the whole, however, typical western toilets are very much the same. They have seat, a bowl, and flushing mechanism. While such a design may be simple and easy to operate, such toilets are lacking in many features that people could find useful and convenient and which would vastly improve their toilet going experience.

Electronic toilet which nowadays has many advanced features, often controlled through software programs, are currently leading the innovation in the sphere of toilet innovation. Though they aren’t widely prevalent in many western countries like the USA, Germany or the UK, they are quite popular in Japan. These high tech toilets have a great assortment of auxiliary features such as automatic spraying that makes the experience of using the toilet much more convenient. Some of these toilets also have luxury features such as heated seats. Perhaps the most astounding and clever feat they accomplish is integrating electronic circuitry so close to liquid and moisture, which is known to damage electronic components. All in all, high tech toilets are the toilets of the future and are sure to revolutionize the washroom experience in the years to come.